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WorkPoint - your global partner in digital transformation. Since 1995, we've been driving innovation as a leading SaaS company based in Denmark. Our leading product, WorkPoint 365, revolutionizes content management on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint platforms, empowering businesses to streamline their workflows and maximize productivity.

Product & Services – WorkPoint 365

Empower your Business with WorkPoint 365

WorkPoint 365 is more than just software – it's a Content Process Automation Platform designed to unlock the full potential of your content. Whether you're creating, storing, sharing, or collaborating, WorkPoint 365 streamlines every step of the process.

Centralize your Solutions, Simplify your Workflow with WorkPoint 365

The real magical thing about WorkPoint 365 is that you can centralise all business solutions in ONE platform. There’s no need to buy new software to accommodate a new business need or challenge – you can simply expand on the existing platform with new solutions made up of modules.

Built on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, Enhanced by WorkPoint

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint provide the base. On top, you have WorkPoint 365, your cloud platform bridging all the gaps in a standard SharePoint solution, providing more structure, governance, automated processes, and much more.

Tailored Solutions by Certified Partners

Within the platform, our certified partners such as Hjelseth Computers, can easily build different business solutions for the customer, using modules - whether it’s for projects, HR, cases, contracts, supplier management or something completely different.

Scalable Solutions for Growing Businesses 

The platform can be scaled to include several solutions, or the solution itself can be scaled depending on the growth needs and challenges of the customer.

Unlock Growth Potential with WorkPoint 365

WorkPoint 365 is a great investment for SMBs as it’s highly scalable and fits easily into a “Land and Expand” strategy, which permits for better conditions for infrastructurally supported growth for the customer without having to buy more software from other suppliers.

Reason for partnership

Quote from WorkPoint

"Our decision to partner with Hjelseth Computers is rooted in their dedication to understanding and addressing the individual needs of their clients. Their customer-centric approach resonates deeply with WorkPoint's belief of empowering businesses through tailored solutions. We're not only aligning our dedication to putting clients first, but also sharing a mindset focused on client-centric solutions. Together, we're ready to drive significant growth for businesses in Norway.”

- Jesper Holdt, Partner Development Manager at WorkPoint.

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